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Seeking second/third grade teacher and .4 music teacher for 2022-2023

At St. Mark Catholic Classical School, our educational approach is centered around enabling our students to pursue and achieve academic excellence through a classical model, while immersing them in an authentically Catholic environment in which they will be exposed to the goodness, the truth, and the beauty of God. Successful educators at our school will not only be those who can employ the classical approach well and encourage each child to achieve their full God-given potential, but who are themselves living witnesses of their Catholic faith who desire to hand down to our students the faith which they have received.

Interested candidates should learn more about our unique school by visiting
Please complete an application with the Archdiocese of Seattle and send resume to Kathryn Palmquist-Keck, [email protected]

Now Enrolling preschool through eighth grade for 2022-2023 school year

We invite you and your family to come and explore the outstanding teaching of our Catholic faith, academics, arts, and service, and hope you will join our small community on a journey which nourishes the human soul, inspires the intellect, and is grounded in virtues and values.