Spirit of Truth and Virtues in Practice - Sophia Institute

Virtues in Practice is a program for children in grades pre-kindergarten through eight to grow closer to Jesus by imitating His life and virtues. It is set up in such a way that a whole school studies the same virtue each month, to provide a whole-school (and at home, whole-family) focus. The program covers 27 virtues over a three-year cycle, with 81 saints held up as models of the virtues.

Multiple prayer experiences are included at every grade level: formal prayer, spontaneous prayer, reflective written prayer, prayer services.

Students spend time learnin

1) Personal reflections

2) Catechism and scripture references

3) Understanding the Bible sections

4) Latin word influence on today's language and faith

"Apply what they have learned to their own personal lives."



Kindergarten: The Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family
Grade 1: God is Love
Grade 2: Our Life in Jesus
Grade 3: The Kingdom of God and the Church
Grade 4: Jesus Teaches Us How to Live
Grade 5: The Sacraments
Grade 6: Sacred Scripture
Grade 7: Living as a Disciple of Christ
Grade 8: The Communion of the Faithful