School Uniform


The uniform is worn because modest dress reflects a commitment to a Christlike life and shows respect for self, fellow beings, and God. Personal grooming and cleanliness, as well as the clothes we wear, set a positive example to those around us.  Each student is required to own a complete uniform in good, clean condition (no rips or tears). The uniform will be worn at all times except on designated non-uniform days and certain field trips, as determined by the teacher.  

Two Options to get started

1) Purchase: new uniform(s) from Dennis Uniform online at use Reference School Code XMT430 when ordering to match St. Mark School Style "Reynolds Plaid."

2) Uniform Exchange: bring in your child's gently worn uniform and trade it in for the next size up, all at no cost.   The Exchange Program takes place at the end of the year in June, and then again in August before school starts. If your kid is growing fast, or you join St. Mark Catholic Classical School mid-year, check in at the school front desk for access to the Uniform Closet.


Standard Uniform
A complete uniform consists of the following, which may be worn in class:


  • Pants
  • Blue walking shorts
  • White shirt with collar
  • Sweater or Vest
  • St. Mark sweatshirt
  • Socks, shoes


  • Jumpers (K-5) Reynolds Plaid                                    
  • Skirts (6-8) Reynolds Plaid
  • Pants
  • Blue walking shorts
  • Navy blue twill or cotton skorts are permitted (no stretch material or blue skirts)
  • White blouse or shirt with collar
  • Sweater or vest
  • St. Mark sweatshirt
  • Socks, tights, shoes

Mass Day Dress
Students will be in full dress uniform on Mass days. A full dress uniform consists of the following. Students may not use non-uniform passes on School Mass Days. 


  • White shirt with collar
  • Vest or sweater
  • Long pants


  • White shirt with collar
  • Vest or sweater
  • Jumper or skirt (Reynolds plaid)
  • (Tights may be worn during inclement weather.)



Jumpers/Skirts. Reynolds plaid skirts and jumpers must be purchased from the Dennis Uniform Store (see information in the box at right). The length of skirts and jumpers will be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Pants. Boys and girls will wear plain, full-length, navy blue, corduroy, or cotton twill pants. Boys' pants and shorts must have a front fly with zipper/button/snap closure and belt loops.  All pants and shorts are to be worn at the normal waist. Baggy pants, cargo pants (excessive pockets), and tapered pants are unacceptable.

Shorts. Navy blue walking shorts may be worn anytime except for Mass days. The length of the shorts will be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

Shirts/blouses. Girls may wear plain white blouses with collars and long or short sleeves. Boys and girls may wear plain white polo shirts with collars and long or short sleeves, or plain white turtlenecks. All blouses, shirts, and turtlenecks must be tucked in at all times. No colored T-shirts or T-shirts trimmed in color are to be worn under the uniform shirts or blouses.

Sweater. Forest green or navy blue v-neck cardigan, v-neck pullover, crewneck pullover, or v-neck vest from the Dennis Uniform Store.

Sweatshirts. Only navy sweatshirts with the school emblem may be worn by grades Kindergarten through 5. Middle School students may wear navy or forest green sweatshirts.

Socks. Navy blue, white, or dark green solid colors only. Girls may wear crew socks, knee highs, anklets, tights, or footies/peds.

Shoes.  Shoes need to be fastened or tied in good, clean condition. Shoe colors can be white, black, navy blue, brown, or neutral colors. No sparkly/twinkling pink, red, neon, or bright-colored shoes can be worn. Sandals are not allowed at school.  Boots (neutral colors) may be worn from November 1 through March 31st.

Makeup. Students are not allowed to wear makeup to school, including colored nail polish. Clear nail polish is allowed.

Jewelry. Tattooing, branding, and body piercing are not permitted. Only one piercing in the earlobe is allowed – piercing in the upper ear is not allowed. Small post pierced earrings hanging no lower than the earlobes are allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings. No distracting bracelets or necklaces will be permitted.

Hair. Students may not change the natural color of their hair. Boys’ hair will be neat and tidy and the length will be above a crew neck collar (hair may not be longer than the bottom of the earlobe or longer than the eyebrows). Bizarre, distracting, and unkempt hairstyles are not permitted, including heavily spiked hair. Facial hair needs to be removed.

Non-Uniform Days. No mini-skirts or shirts with rock music, drug, alcohol, gang-related or unchristian messages may not be worn.  Pants must be worn on the natural waist. No tank tops will be allowed. Clothes must be in good, clean condition with no holes. Skin-tight pants and/or shirts are not allowed.  

Students may not use non-uniform passes on School Mass Days. 

*The principal reserves the right to object to the style of clothing a child is wearing.  Repeat offenders will not be allowed to participate on non-uniform days.

Dennis Uniform 
Manufacturing Company
St. Mark School Style
"Reynolds Plaid"
Reference School Code XTM430 when ordering.