8th Grade

Dear 8th Grade Parents,


Such an exciting time to be an 8th grade student!  My name is Ms. Yvette Herrera.


I am delighted that your child will be in my class!  I was born and raised in Lake Stevens, WA and attended Holy Cross Catholic Parish while growing up.  I completed my undergraduate studies at Washington State University, Go Cougs!, with a BA in Spanish and endorsement in English Language Learning.  I received my Masters of Art in Teaching through the University of Portland. Teaching your children is my dream career.  For two years I was a Campus Missionary with an organization called FOCUS - Fellowship of Catholic University students where I evangelized college students.  This is where my passion took root and flourished.  I love education! In my free time I love to hike, read novels, cook (especially Mexican cuisine and enhancing family recipes), travel and explore the Pacific Northwest hidden locations. I look forward to getting to know my 8th grade students and families!




Ms. Herrera

[email protected]

Math L56 - Lesson Practice a-i, #1-4,14. 24-25,30
Science - Study for Cell organelles and functions test on Wednesday
ELA Prewrite due tomorrow 
Study for Science Test
Finish Narrative notes and sketches planning worksheet
Math L57 - LP a-i, #4, 8, 21-27
Wednesday *Science Test*
Spelling Packet #17 Due
No School
Virtue Project Due
Cell Analogy Due
Study for Math test tomorrow 
Edible Cell Due 
Virtue Projects
Poem of The Month
Grading Scale
A    95-100
A -  93-94
B+  91-92
B    85-90
B -  83-84
C+  81-82
C    75-80
C -  73-74
D+  71-72
D    65-70%
D -  60-64%
U  Below 60%