4th Grade

Dear Students,

Welcome to fourth grade! I am so happy to have you in my class.  You will learn so much this year!  You will work together, laugh, and play with your friends.  Most importantly, you will learn more about your Catholic faith.
God Bless you,
Ms. Storino  


September 9

Math - worksheet p. 1.1

ELA - Spelling worksheet

ELA - Finish sentences

Seventh Grade Math - p. 13, #7-37 (odd), #38

September 10

Math - standard form worksheet

ELA - Spelling worksheet

Seventh Grade Math - complete worksheet (both sides)

September 11

Math - worksheet p. 1.3

ELA - Choose any six spelling words.  Write six quality sentences using those words.

Science - Answer two questions (notebook)

Seventh Grade Math - p. 18, #11-27 (odd), #28, #31-37

September 12

Math - rounding practice for extra credit

ELA - practice spelling words, test tomorrow

Religion - Envelope for St. Vincent de Paul

Seventh Grade Math - worksheets

September 13


Fourth Graders receive grades for the first time. Here is the grading scale for St. Mark Parish School.

Grading Scale 4-8th grade

A     95-100       D+    71-72
A-     93-94        D      65-70
B+    91-92        D-     60-64
B      85-90        U      Below 60
B-     83-84
C+    81-82
C      75-80
C-     73-74
Guidelines for Success
  • Get enough sleep and eat healthy meals and snacks
  • Arrive at school on time
  • Check to make certain all materials are packed before leaving home/school
  • Fully engage themselves in class:  listen, ask questions, take notes, respond 
  • Use time wisely
  • Reread, check for quality work
  • Turn in all homework, assignments, and projects on time

Parent Resources

English Language Arts Standards

  • corestandards.org

Math websites for practice and activities

  • mathplayground.com
  • kahnacademy.com
  • coolmathgames.com
  • learnzillion.com
  • hourofcode.com (site for basic computer coding and information)
  • aplusmath.com/flashcards
  • math-play.com
  • dadsworksheets.com
  • mathisfun.com 


High Interest Nonfiction Articles

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