3rd Grade

Hello Third Grade!
My name is Ms.Portolese. This will be my first year teaching at St.Mark, and I am so excited to be here! I grew up in Bothell, and I received my BA in Elementary Education from Central Washington University. I come from a family with many teachers, so I have always felt that teaching was in my blood. I look forward to incorporating my faith into the classroom every day. 
Third graders can expect about 30-40 minutes of homework a night. Third graders are given a planner where their nightly homework will be documented. Students are encouraged to use their planner as a tool to help them stay organized with their schoolwork. Homework will also be posted here if needed. 
June 3rd-7th
June 3rd:
Math page 124B
June 4th:
Math page 125B
June 5th:
Spelling page
June 6th:
Bring back green virtue folders
Bring library books
Spelling test has been moved to Monday
June 7th:
No homework!
Spelling test on Monday
Every month there will be a virtue project that is shared at the end of the month. Students will receive a hard copy instruction page as well as a digital copy sent through an email at the beginning of every month. All students are expected to complete their virtue project every month. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
March Virtue: Diligence 
Due: May 29th
1.) Slowly
2.) Mainly
3.) Badly
4.) Hourly
5.) Suddenly
6.) Lately
7.) Partly
8.) Closely
9.) Really
10.) Lastly
11.) Plainly
12.) Loudly
13.) Shortly
14.) Monthly
15.) Softly