Boy Scouts Troop 309

Troop 309 emphasizes the boy-led leadership method to maximize youth participation and growth.  Our youth leaders develop their program and activities with adult oversight and mentoring.  We find that this program method promotes longevity in the troop and pride and ownership of the troop by its members.  Our troop has over 60 years of experience building leadership, outdoor and life skills for boys ages 11 to 17.  Our dedicated adult leaders are highly trained with many years of experience mentoring youth to reach their full potential.

As a member of our troop you will:

  • Build leadership skills through a proven program

  • Work as a team, in a variety of situations with a multi-age group

  • Develop life skills and friendships that last well into adulthood

  • Gain outdoor and recreational skills

Troop 309 meets on Mondays at 7 -  8:30 pm  in the School Cafeteria.  
Youth and parents are always encouraged to drop-in and see what our troop has to offer. For more information please contact our Scoutmaster Dwight Thompson 
Dwight Thompson
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