Snow Days update from WSBE

St. Mark Parish School Families,

At St. Mark Parish School, the school year consists of 179 days and a total of 1,074 hours and 35 minutes.
Six school days have been missed due to snow and two early release and late arrival days. The total hours missed is 44.  In the calendar, the hours that remain are 1,030 and 30 minutes. According to the state requirements the year must consist of 1000 hours for 1st through 12th grade and 450 for kindergarten. St. Mark Parish School, as of February 22, 2019 is well within the required time and snow days will NOT need to be made up.
Please read the requirements for private schools below.

Snow Day Information on Instructional Hour or School Day Requirements for Private Schools
Instructional Hour and School Day Requirements for Private Schools
The minimum school year for private schools operating in Washington must consist of 180 school days OR a school-wide average of 1000 instructional hours in grades one through twelve, and at least 450 hours for Kindergarten (RCW 28A.195.010).
Public school districts must meet the days and the hours requirements but private schools have the option of either/or. Choosing the option of meeting the school-wide average of 1000 instructional hours provides private schools flexibility in dealing with snow days.
Waivers from the 180-day requirement are not available for private schools. If you have questions, you may contact us at 360-725-6433 or [email protected]
Thank you,
Parker Teed
Policy Analyst
Washington State Board of Education