Mission & Philosophy


St. Mark Parish School is dedicated to:

  • Teaching the gospel message of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church
  • Forming disciples of Christ to serve His Church and the world
  • Supporting parents as the primary educators of their children
  • Providing an affordable and excellent education 



The members of the staff of St. Mark Catholic Classical School are committed to helping each child develop to his/her full potential. Staff members are resolved to work with families to build the best possible environment to meet the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of the students. This spirit of cooperation is necessary to achieve the goal of meeting the needs of the whole child. To meet these needs, the emphasis is on the sacramental, spiritual, and prayer life of the students. The teachers and staff pledge:

  • To provide a religious education that develops a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through participation in the sacraments, daily prayer, and knowledge of church doctrine.
  • To build a community of faith, rooted in the Eucharist, which is active, caring, and conscientious
  • To practice stewardship in the Catholic community and in the entire world.