2020 School Auction - Saturday, May 2

Save the Date for ...  A Night at the Movies
Pick your favorite actor or actress or surprise attendees with a movie theme. 
Encourage your entire table to represent a movie!

Below are a few names to get you started ... 

  • Chris Pratt - Chris Hemsworth - Matthew McConaughey - Dwayne Johnson
  • Gal Gadot - Tom Hanks - Ben Stiller - Daisy Ridley - Anna Kendrick 
  • Dorothy Dandridge - Frank Sinatra - Humphrey Bogart - Clark Gable - James Stewart
  • John Wayne - Shirley MacLaine - Lucille Ball - Audrey Hepburn - Ingrid Burgman
  • Betty Davis - Judy Garland - Greta Garbo - Rita Hayworth - Vivian Leigh
Attend dressed as your favorite Movie Star for this Motion Picture Adventure supporting St. Mark Parish School's 27th Annual Auction
The 2020 Auction Committee has already started planning this milestone event. 
The "Red Carpet" will be rolled out for all who dress-up as a movie star. We will have crazed movie star photographers snapping fun poses of you and your date, which you can take home as a keepsake.  Get ready for the paparazzi!!!