Playing it Safe

  • Shoes need to be kept tied and fastened for secure movement
  • Play in the area outside of the cones so classes aren’t disturbed
  • Other than walking, no one should be near the building windows
  • Students will return the play equipment to the racks when they are finished playing
  • Students will pick up their own garbage maintaining the cleanliness of the play area
  • Students need to ask an adult before going inside for ANY reason
  • Students will respect everyone and include everyone in games
  • No climbing up the slides
  • Slide down only on bottoms and feet first
  • No hanging over the slides or climbing on them
  • Only one person at a time down the slides
  • No throwing wood chips
  • No chasing each other on the big toy
  • Students are not allowed on the cement wall at any time
  • Do not run or chase each other on the cement wall
  • Do not go behind the bushes
  • Do not climb on the fence
  • Do not pick flowers from the neighboring yards
  • Flag football is acceptable, tackle football is not acceptable
  • Do not tackle one another on the playground
  • This area is off limits to anything other than walking in or out of the portable 
  • The steps and handrails of the steps are OFF LIMITS
  • No going behind the building or out of sight
  • No bouncing balls or objects off the side of the building
A special thanks to parents and volunteers that help with recess.  Keeping the kids safe while allowing them to enjoy physical exercise and time outside is our primary goal.