Annual Joy Award

JOY (Jesus first - Others second - Yourself last) Award 

The JOY Award is given to a student in each grade who lives what it means to be Christ Like.  The JOY award is presented at the end of the year during the promotion/graduation ceremony in June.


The students in each grade determine the recipient through a nomination process involving a paragraph written about their fellow students, including examples of how they demonstrate J.O.Y. throughout the year.  The teacher of that grade reviews each nomination and ultimately determines the recipient.  Each winner receives a plaque at the farewell/awards ceremony in June.



Kindergarten    Naher Tesfaldet

1st Grade          Zoey Aquino

2nd Grade         Felix Decicco

3rd Grade         

4th Grade      Elizabeth Yamamoto   

5th Grade       Noah Taye  

6th Grade       Scarlett Vasquez

7th Grade         Joseph Hannon

8th Grade         Noah Mekonnen


Some examples are:

  • Loving and encouraging people instead of putting them down
  • Reaching out to ask "what’s wrong" if someone is sad
  • Sharing toys, food, and talents with other persons
  • Being polite to parents, siblings, and classmates
  • Make sure that all classmates are included in activities