Principal Keck welcomes you to St. Mark Catholic Classical School.

Welcome to St. Mark Catholic Classical School!  Faculty, staff and parents invite you and your family to explore the distinctive Catholic Classical Education found at St. Mark Parish School.    

Our school was formed to be a mission for the parish, and support for parents in the raising of their Catholic children.  A Catholic Classical education frees the student to be the fullest version of themselves through instruction on what is good, true, and beautiful in the world.  Not just learning to learn but learning to appreciate the wonder and wisdom of the world. This classical tradition format nourishes the human soul, inspires the intellect, and is grounded in virtues and values.


  • The study and development of faith, wisdom and virtue is at the core of building character in every child, so they may grow fully and with integrity.
  • A program of study modeled after the Trivium based on grammar, logic and rhetoric, engages the natural stages of a child’s development and their desire to learn. It encourages them to rigorously learn fundamental facts and truths, ask questions, think deeply and critically, and effectively communicate what they discover.
  • Exposure to excellence and the work of the greatest thinkers, creators and communicators in history inspires students to great purpose and achievement.
  • Curriculum that is integrated (inter-disciplinary) and scaffolded (frequent return to concepts and deepening of knowledge and understanding) aids in establishing connections, cementing concepts and promoting relational thinking.
  • Chronological history of Catholic history and Christian anthropology provide the backbone of the curriculum in order to enrich all subject matter and provide perspective and relevancy.
  • Emphasis on strong grammar skills provides structure for understanding and conveying knowledge; the foundation for a well-formed intellect and mastery in all subject matter.


We invite you and your family to come and explore the outstanding teaching of our Catholic faith, academics, arts, and service, and hope you will join our small community on a journey which nourishes the human soul, inspires the intellect, and is grounded in virtues and values. St. Mark Catholic Classical School is conveniently located just off I-5 in Shoreline.


God Bless You,

Mrs. Kathryn Palmquist-Keck

 Principal Keck