Students are promoted once a year, in June. Promotion is based on the students having fulfilled the requirements of the grade. Any student may be required to repeat the work of a grade whenever, in the judgment of the teacher and principal, it would be to the student’s educational advantage to repeat rather than be promoted. Whenever a student is in danger of retention, his/her parents must be advised of this situation by at least progress report time of the second trimester. This is also preceded by periodic reports to parents and principal of serious concern regarding performance.

  1. A student receiving grades A to D will be promoted to the next grade.
  2. A student receiving more than two D’s in a trimester is in danger of being placed on academic probation.
  3. A student receiving a U (failure) in a subject in the first trimester must demonstrate marked improvement in the last two trimesters to be eligible for a final passing grade A-D.
  4. A student receiving a grade of U (failure) in a subject in the last two trimesters will not be promoted to the next grade until documented evidence of satisfactory completion of a course of study in that subject is presented to the principal. Summer school or tutoring are examples of acceptable courses of study.
  5. A student receiving a grade of U (failure) in the last two trimesters in more than one subject will not be promoted. He/she will be retained in his/her present grade level. The possibility of student retention will be discussed with a parent before the end of the second trimester. When a student is promoted over the advice of the professional staff, parents will be required to sign a statement that they realize that the transfer is against the professional advice of the staff. In this instance, the child's movement to the next grade will be referred to as a transfer rather than a promotion.