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The St. Mark Parish School Endowment Fund is money held in trust for future generations of St. Mark students. The principal of the fund is never touched, but the income earned is used to ensure that all families have access to a Catholic education at their parish school.

The endowment fund, started in 1989 with a large donation from the estate of Fr. Theodore Sullivan, has grown to over $500K through the generosity of school families, parishioners, alumni and the community. We would like to reach $1 million for the long term financial health of the school.

Your gift to the St. Mark Parish School Endowment Fund creates a lasting legacy and can be made in memory of a loved one, to honor a former teacher, or to celebrate a significant anniversary. Gifts are acknowledged through a card and honorees are listed in the parish bulletin monthly.

Your gift will enable St. Mark to remain a vibrant parish school for years to come. You may mail your gift to:

St. Mark Parish School Endowment Fund
18033 15th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA 98155


There are many ways that you can make your dollar count in favor of St. Mark Parish School. Opportunities are changing daily. Here are just a few:

SCRIP: Buy SCRIP (gift cards) from our SCRIP committee. We make an average of 5% on every gift card and you don’t pay any extra. SCRIP is easy to use at the checkout counter and makes GREAT gifts. Click here for more details.

Box Tops for Education: Cut the box tops off General Mills and Betty Crocker products. Bring them into school and we can turn those box tops into cash. Or get a Box Tops for Education Visa Card which donates 1% of the value of your purchases to our school.

Campbell’s Soup Labels: Trim your Campbell’s soup labels (and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish labels) and turn them into the school. We redeem those labels for sports equipment and other school supplies.  

Target Visa Card: Apply for a Target Visa (no annual fee) and name St. Mark Parish School to receive 1% on all your purchases at Target and ½% on all other purchases. Checks are mailed to the school quarterly.

Wells Fargo: Open a checking account there and $40 will be donated to our school.



What is SCRIP?

St. Mark SCRIP is, simply put, gift cards for everyday use.  Here is how it works:

  • SCRIP sales are conducted through the St. Mark SCRIP Coordinator.
  • You order gift cards at full face value, through
  • The St. Mark SCRIP committee purchases gift cards at a discount from Great Lakes SCRIP and local merchants.
  • You shop everyday using your SCRIP gift cards for your groceries, gas, retail shopping, entertainment, and dining out. Also, use SCRIP for gift giving. Over 600 merchants are available.
  • The difference between the face value and St. Mark’s purchase price, called a “rebate” amount, is the profit earned for St. Mark Parish School, from 1.5% to 20% for each gift card sold.
  • Learn more in our SCRIP Information Booklet, or visit (see box at left).

Place your orders online 24 hours a day at There are four options for delivery, depending on the gift cards ordered:

  • SCRIP-to-Go: Gift cards are held in inventory at our school, and are available for pick up at school or after weekend masses.
  • Scheduled Orders: Pre-order through Great Lakes SCRIP. The St. Mark SCRIP committee will purchase these gift cards on select Mondays for delivery by Thursdays, available year round.
  • ReLoad Program: Allows reloading of select merchant gift cards online.
  • ShopNow! Program: Offers eCertificates to be sent directly to you or a gift recipient.  

Parent Involvement Opportunities

  • Buy SCRIP
  • Invite family, friends and parishioners to purchase SCRIP
  • Volunteer on the SCRIP committee. Volunteers are needed to fill orders. Contact the coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help.

Goals for SCRIP

In 2011-2012, St. Mark SCRIP saw a significant increase in profits, raising over $13,500.  Funds raised supported the Music Program portion of the school budget. In 2012-2013, the St. Mark SCRIP goal is to continue to increase our profits to reach at least $15,500.  Our goal can be reached when all school families "Get Involved Today" by purchasing SCRIP.  Our new Standing Order program is the easiest way to regularly support SCRIP.  Join the program today by completing the Standing Order section on the paper order form. Just like any other fundraiser, school families can invite friends, family, and parishioners to join this fundraiser to support your family's Faithful Steward SCRIP commitment requirement.

How Do I Purchase SCRIP?

  • Order SCRIP any time online at Register for your free and secure account. Please contact Marion Hogle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the St. Mark Enrollment code.
  • Learn more in our newsletters (at left), or visit

When are my gift cards available for pick up?

After placing your order, four options are available for pick up:

  1. SCRIP-to-Go gift cards are the in-stock inventory for St. Mark SCRIP.  Place orders 24 hours a day at Orders will be filled on Mondays and Thursdays for student delivery, OR school office pick up; OR pick up after weekend masses.  Learn more in our “SCRIP-to-Go” Newsletter.
  2. Scheduled Orders are gift cards available from Great Lakes SCRIP, over 600 merchants, which must be pre-ordered,  Orders placed by 9:00 AM on select Mondays will be available by Thursdays for student delivery; OR school office pick up; OR pick up after weekend masses.  Learn more and view the order schedule in our “Scheduled Order” Newsletter.
  3. ReLoad program allows you to reload your gift cards purchased from our SCRIP program, available from over 30 merchants at  Learn more in “ReLoad and Scrip Now!” Newsletter.
  4. ScripNow! eCertificates sent directly to you or a gift recipient, purchase at Learn more in “ReLoad & ScripNow!” Newsletter.

What does this fundraiser support?

SCRIP has been designated to support the school budget. In 2012-2013, SCRIP invites all members at St. Mark to "Get Involved Today" in supporting SCRIP and raising funds to support our school budget. SCRIP is one of three fundraisers which support the school budget.

How easy is it to raise funds for St. Mark Parish School with our SCRIP program?

  • SCRIP is most successful when families purchase gift cards regularly throughout the school year.  Purchase just $100 in grocery gift cards every week during the school year, and the profit adds up to $200.
  • Add retail shopping, entertainment, coffee, gas, and restaurant gift cards to these purchases and families can earn over $400 in a single school year for our school.
  • Add gift purchases and vacation purchases, such as hotel and airline gift cards, to add up to even more for our school!


Category Purchase Rebate Purchase Profit
Safeway, Albertsons, etc.
$100 5% Weekly $200
Starbucks $25 7% Weekly $70
Restaurants such as Red Robin $100 9% Monthly $90
Retailers such as Macy's $100 7% Monthly $70

If each school family purchases $100 in grocery gift cards each week during the school year, we will earn $25,000 in profit for our school!

Learn more about the SCRIP program in our informative newsletters..

I am a Business Owner. How can I support St. Mark SCRIP?

  • St. Mark SCRIP program contracts with local businesses to sell gift cards for your business. St. Mark SCRIP purchases your gift cards at a discount, and sells them to our customers at full face value.
  • Participate in our Voucher program. The Voucher program allows your business to donate a portion (or set amount) of a sale at your business from our school families, friends, or parishioners directly to our program.
  • Purchase gift cards from our program to offer to your clients or employees.  For example, dentists may offer a Blockbuster Single Movie gift card for clients who experience a long wait time.

Learn more by contacting the SCRIP Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




The 25th Annual Saint Mark Parish Gala Auction is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018The Gala Auction, "Kentucky Derby!" promises to be an exciting, fun night!



The annual auction is held at St. Mark Parish, with proceeds benefitting St. Mark Parish School.  As St. Mark's largest ministry, the school appreciates and depends on all parishioners, school families, alumni, extended family, and friends for their continued support.

There are many ways to support the auction and get involved!  Please click through the tabs on the right for more information and details about this year's event.


The St. Mark Parish School Annual Drive is a direct appeal for donations in person, by mail and by phone.

Parent volunteer opportunities include helping with bulk mailing, phoning for pledges and writing thank you notes. The monies received bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating our children. Donations are all tax-deductible. Click here for the Annual Drive Family Pledge Form,or  online through our Parish's secure online giving site.  You can choose to set up a monthly gift, or a one time donation.

What is the Annual Fund Drive?

The St. Mark Parish School Annual Drive, which begins each September, is our yearly pledge drive created to help keep tuition accessible while providing the opportunity for our students to achieve academic excellence.  Our families, parishioners, alumni and friends support the school with tax deductible gifts.  We appreciate each and every gift made to St. Mark Parish School through our Annual Fund Drive.  Your generosity is a major component in the success of each student here at school.

Annual Drive Schedule


  • Annual Drive letters are sent to parishioners/alumni.
  • Donor Report


  • School families make pledge commitment at registration.
  • All school parents are required to give to the St. Mark Parish School Annual Drive.

Please Remember

  • Tuition does not cover the actual cost of educating each student and the gap is at least $2,200 per student. The Annual Drive provides one of the best means to close that gap.
  • You may contribute on a monthly basis from September through June.
  • Your gift to St. Mark Parish School is 100% tax deductible.
  • Many employers will match your gift, thereby doubling it. Please contact your employer to see if they will match your donation.