Families have two options for tuition for their children at St. Mark Parish School: the Faithful Steward Plan and the Full Cost Tuition Plan.

 What is the Full Cost Tuition Plan?

If the Faithful Steward Plan is not right for you, then you can choose to enroll your children using the Full Cost Tuition Plan. For the 2013-2014 school year, the full cost for each child is as follows:

One Student Two Students Three Students
$6,816 $11,040 $15,300


To participate in this plan, please fill out the Full Cost Tuition Contract and return it to the school office.

To learn more about the St. Mark Family Plan, click here.

Additional Requirements for Both Tuition Plans

As part of the Tuition Agreement for BOTH plans, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must agree to the following items:

  • Adherence to polices in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Participation in the required school curriculum.
  • Participation in Annual Fund by filling out a pledge card and making a commitment.
  • $100 a month in SCRIP to help the plant improvement fund.
  • 40 hours of volunteer service to the school (20 for single parents).
  • Donate or procure a minimum of $200 for the Auction.

If a family is unable to meet their obligations as defined in this contract, it is the family's responsibility to inform the Principal or Pastor. Every effort will be made to reach a mutually satisfactory solution to a demonstrated hardship and to assist the family through such financial difficulties with complete confidentiality. All such information will remain confidential.

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