4th &  5th Grade Homework

Week of September 18th - September 22th

Monday, September 18th

BAND  today at 9AM.    Picture Day tomorrow!

SPELLING (4th & 5th grade) - Unit 2, page 7: Story.  Unit 1 test returned today.

 MATH (5th grade)  Review worksheet

 SOCIAL STUDIES - Worksheet from Lesson 2: Ancient American Civilizations.

Tuesday, September 19th

MATH - (5th Grade) Worksheet page 41-42: Multiplying by 1 digit.

 READING - Comprehension worksheet on The Marble Champ. Use your book to help you answer the questions from the story.

 Band tomorrow at 9am.  Don't forget to bring your instrument.

 Wednesday, September 20th

MATH  (5th Grade) - Worksheet pages 47-48: Multiplying with 2 digits.

MATH  (4th Grade) - Worksheet pages 47-48: Subtracting.

 READING - Read story about Fall and answer questions.

 SOCIAL STUDIES - Make sure to have notes for Lesson 2 about all tribes

 Spanish Class tomorrow.  Don't forget your headphones.

 Thursday, September 21st         

 MATH - (5th Grade) -  Worksheet pages 65-66: Writing Expressions.

MATH - (4th Grade) - Addition worksheet.

 SPELLING-  Unit 2, page 8: Vocabulary. Test tomorrow!

 SCIENCE - Worksheet from Lesson 1: Types of cells.


Friday,  September 22nd