4th &  5th Grade Homework

Week of February 19th - 23rd

5th Graders Only - Don't forget to decide if you would like to sell Car Wash tickets to help raise money for camp.  Orders are due next week.

Monday, February 19th     NO SCHOOL - President's Day! 

 MATH (5th grade) -

MATH (4TH grade)  -




Tuesday, February 20th

MATH - (5th Grade)  Worksheet pages 437-438: Multiplication with models

MATH - (4th Grade) Worksheet pages 349-350, Lesson 6.4.

 READING - (Mrs.Lersch's class) Write letter or journal entry pretending that you are that character from SOC.

 READING - (Mrs. Keck's class) - Complete Venn Diagram & Attribute Web

SOCIAL STUDIES - Chapter 10 Test returned today.

SPELLING - Unit 19, page 81: Story.

  Band tomorrow. 

 Wednesday, February 21st

 RELIGION - Virutues in Practice project on Cheerfulness due tomorrow.

MATH (5th grade) -   Worksheet pages 443-444: Using models to solve multiplication problems.

MATH (4th grade) -   Worksheet pages 355-356.

 READING (Mrs. Keck's class)- Finish Chapter 9 questions from Sarah, Plain & Tall.

  READING (Mrs. Lersch class) - Finish reading Chapters 13 & 14.  What are Elizabeth's feelings about Stuart at the end of Chapter 14?


 Thursday, February 22nd         Virtues in Practice Project due today.

 MATH - (4th Grade) - Finish chapter review.

 MATH - (5th Grade) - Worksheet page 77: Multiplying fractions.

 SPELLING - Unit 19, page 82: Vocabulary.  Test tomorrow.

READING (Mrs. Keck) - Finish test from Sarah, Plain & Tall

READING (Mrs. Lersch) - Read Ch.16 of SOC and answer questions.

Friday, February 23rd                   

 5th Grade - Expository speech due on Monday on note cards, including your introduction.  Keep a copy at home for practicing there.

4th Grade - Interpretive Reading due on Monday.  Speech should be typed and include a copy of your introduction.  Make sure font size is not too small, so you can read the speech, make eye contact, & then return to the reading without loosing your place.  Keep a copy at home so you do not have to transfer speech back and forth from school to home.