2nd Grade Spelling Words


September 11-15 – Lesson 1:   lap, hat, man, ram, bad, map, pat, mad, jam, gas, as, has, path, dash, cash

September 18-22 – Lesson 2:   if, zip, mix, pin, milk, tip, his, fix, kiss, rip, dish, fish, wish, mitt, rich

September 25-29 – Lesson 3:   cot, fog, lot, log, dog, got, flop, job, jog, spot, robin, soggy, slot, cross, off

 October 2-5 – Lesson 4:   dock, snack, lock, pack, sick, rock, sack, stick, stack, kick, clock, click, flock, shack, backpack

 October 9-13 – Lesson 5:   pond, just, band, last, sand, list, lost, hand, fast, and, cast, past, land, stand, wind

October 16-20 – Lesson 6:   Review of Lessons 1 – 5

October 23-27 – Lesson 7:   egg, fed, met, yet, went, nest, rest, test, bend, send,  pen, mess, stem, mend, west

October 30-November 3 – Lesson 8:   us, mud, rub, rust, tug, luck, must, rug, shut, stuck, dust, hush, rush, lunch, bunch

 November 6-9 – Lesson 9:   grand, drum, tree, drove, grin, truck, drip, trip, drive, gray, dress, trim, try, grass, grow

November 13-17 – Lesson 10:  plus, glass, blink, plot, glad, blend, plan, block, plum, blast, blank, blanket, planet, glue, gloves

November 27-December 1 – Lesson 11:  wing, dump, sting, mask, long, jump, desk, song, camp, ask, blimp, grump, stamp, bring, task

 December 4-8 – Lesson 12:  Review of the last 5-week’s words

 January 2-5 – Lesson 13:  came, bait, rake, hay, plate, pail, cane, raise, grape, say, aid, pain, trail, stain, blaze.

 January 8-12 – Lesson 14:  deep, meal, sheep, each, wheel, treat, bean, seen, team, dream, mean, leave, cream, sleep, sneeze

 January 16-19 – Lesson 15:  shy, right, wide, light, pine, fight, night, dry, sight, might, tight, stripe, sly, cry

 January 22-26  – Lesson 16:  poke, boat, row, goat, snow, toad, soap, blow, coat, tow, coach, float, toast, slow, globe

January 29-February 2 – Lesson 17:  tune, moon, pool, zoo, rude, soon, boot, food, tube, room, moose, goose, zoom, balloon, shoot

 February 5-9 – Lesson 18:  Review of the last 5-week’s words

 February 12-15 – Lesson 19:  what, clash, shock, while, shame, flash, where, shine, why, shore, shall, share, shadow, whisper, whiskers

 February 20-23 – No Spelling Lesson (Class Spelling Bee)

February 26-March 2 - Lesson 20:  bath, peach, tooth, thin, choke, much, with, chick, teach, thank, child, chore, reach, thick, think

March 5-8  – Lesson 21:  art, yard, barn, park, hard, cart, dark, farm, shark, sharp, harm, alarm, arms, march, smart

 March 12-15 –  Lesson 22:  bird, more, shirt, horse, first, for, girl, horn, dirt, short, store, morning, dinosaur, third, whirl

 March 19-23 – No Spelling lesson (Great American Spellcheck)

March 26 - 30 - Lesson 23:  does, were, every, very, give, live, thing, your, many, who, any, away, goes, find, kind

 April 9-13 – Lesson 25:  brag, trade, brick, frisky, train, frog, trick, broom, free, bright, front, friend, bread, tramp, trace

April 16-20 – Lesson 26:  slam, speed, slip, spin, sled, space, slide, speech, slick, spy, spoon, spoke, spark, sleet, slant

 April 23-27 – Lesson 27:  animals, ants, chickens, seals, cows, ducks, rabbits, snakes, whales, zebras, bears, lions, tiger, chipmunks, kangaroos

 April 30-May 4 – Lesson 28:  see, road, meet, deer, die, meat, sea, dear, dye, rode, seam, seem, eye, too, to

 May 7-11  – Lesson 29:  mother, family, grandfather, aunt, brother, grandmother, baby, sister, uncle, father, parent, person, twins, children, together

May 14-18 – Lesson 31:  book, push, took, full, foot, bush, hook, pull, wool, good, brook, crook, shook, cookbook, stood

 May 21-25 – Lesson 32:  bat, mop, tapped, cutting, hit, tap, batting, mopped, hitting, cut, running, skipping, hopping, digging, begged

 May 29-June 1 –  Lesson 33:  now, loud, down, house, clown, out, owl, sound, town, ouch, found, around, south, howl, crown

 June 4-7– Lesson 34:  maybe, bedroom, lunchroom, notebook, doghouse, something, myself, nobody, into, inside, downtown, sailboat, sandbox, weekend, everywhere

 Extra– Lesson 35:  one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, add, minus, second, number